Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 220

A study is conducted to evaluate the action of a new oral antidiabetic drug in patients with a new onset type 2 diabetes. All patients involved in the study are informed that they would be treated with a new oral antidiabetic drug. They are divided into three groups and each group would be treated with a different dose. Drug assessment is determined based on testing serum glucose and HgA1C regularly throughout the study.

Which of the following best describes this type of study?

A- Case-control study

B- Randomized controlled trial

C- Single blind clinical trial

D- Double blind clinical trial

E- Cross sectional study


This study is randomized controlled trial in which the researcher elects a certain group of patients (new onset type 2 diabetes) and informed them about the new drug. They are divided into 3 groups randomly and each group of patients receives a certain dose. Case-control study is a retrospective observational study in which 2 groups, one group already had a certain disease or symptom and the other group is normal (control group). The above study is prospective and dealing with a group of people has the same condition without a control group. Single blind clinical trial is different from the above trial in which the groups of patients are not informed about the drug or the doses used. Double blind clinical trial is different in which both the patients and the researchers don’t know which group takes certain drug or dose. Cross sectional study is an observational study in which analysis of data collected from a population at a defined time.

The correct answer is B

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