Thursday, August 16, 2018

Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 226

A 1-year-old child is brought to the doctor. The child is known to be having microcytic anemia. The doctor orders a hemoglobin electrophoresis, which shows a higher concentration of hemoglobin A2. Which condition is the child likely to be suffering from?

A- Sickle cell anemia

B- β-thalassemia trait

C- Lead poisoning

D- Iron deficiency


β-thalassemia or beta thalassemia trait is an inherited blood disorder that has a defective production of hemoglobin. Beta thalassemia indicates a decreased production of hemoglobin. Children suffering from β-thalassemia trait tend to present poor growth, skeletal abnormalities and severe anemia particularly during the first two years of their life.

The correct answer is B

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