Thursday, May 14, 2020

Recalled USMLE Questions Step 1- 2

Q1- Which of the following tests is the best for diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis?

A- Acid hemolysis test

B- Coombs' test

C- Osmotic fragility test

D- Schilling test

Q2- Which one of the following arteries supplies the anterior two thirds of the interventricular septum?

A- Circumflex artery

B- Left coronary artery

C- Left anterior descending artery

D- Right coronary artery

Q3- Which of the following types of leukocytes in peripheral blood is the predominant in chronic diseases such as collagen vascular disease?

A- Basophils

B- Eosinophils

C- Monocytes

D- Neutrophils


Q1- C- Osmotic fragility test

Q2- C- Left anterior descending artery

Q3- C- Monocytes

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